Window Cleaning Guide

chicago residential window washingWhile Pane Bros. uses some advanced window washing and water treatment equipment, Do-It-Your-Selfers can achieve a good quality window cleaning if they just follow this simple Window Washing Guide. However, we’d like to stress the importance of safety while cleaning your windows. Window cleaning, especially when done on higher floors, is inherently dangerous and we recommend hiring a professional, even if it isn’t use. Safety is our #1 concern.


Window Cleaning Tools: 

Washer or Scrubber Head
A textured cloth or bristled brush head used to remove dirt and larger debris from windows.

Squeegee Head
Typically, a rubber scraping implement with a rubber-edged blade set on a handle.

Needed to break down dirt, debris and water spot build up.

An extendable rod that is threaded at the top in order to attach scrubber and squeegee works best.

Should be wide enough to fit your scrubber head or squeegee.

Window Cleaning Techniques

  1. Attach the scrubber head to the end of your pole.
  2. Place soap and clean warm water in your bucket.
  3. Thoroughly drench your scrubber head.
  4. Wet along the top of the window and work your way down, wetting entire window. Make sure to remove any larger debris during this process.
  5. Remove the scrubber head and attach squeegee head.
  6. Starting at the top right hand corner, tilt the squeegee down and pull down, removing the water from the top 1/2 of the window.
  7. Moving towards your left, repeat step 6 while slightly overlapping your previous stroke. While moving left, slightly angle your squeegee to the right. This will prevent dripping on the area you’ve already cleaned.
  8. For the bottom 1/2 of the window, place your squeegee on the left hand, vertical window sill. As you pull to the right, slightly angle your squeegee downwards and across the window.
  9. Continue until you’ve reached the bottom of the window.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Window Cleaning Guide. If you’d like more information on Window Cleaning, please contact us at 855.726.3927.