The reason most people hire a window washing service provider is obvious. Clear, dirt-free windows provide a beautiful view of the outdoor areas of your home and help to improve the interiors of your home too. With a little time, effort and care, a trained professional can eliminate the natural build-up of dirt, cobwebs and streaking that both undesirable and unavoidable.

Another contributing factor is the inherent risk involved. To do a thorough job, the majority of projects will require ladders (typically on the taller side). Window cleaning technicians are trained extensively to perform ladder work in a safe manner. There is more movement and reaching than one would think and this could put a novice in harm’s way.

With that said, there are many other benefits to hiring a professional window washing company. During our cleaning process, there is the potential to identify other concerns that homeowners may otherwise not know about. These issues can include the following:

  • Potential damage/deterioration (wood rot, etc.).
  • Improperly installed or damaged window screens.
  • Insect hives/nests in the corners, behind shutters/storm windows and potentially in the channels.
  • Defective window seals (condensation, foggy windows).
  • Scratches (particularly on newer built homes).

An experienced team of residential window washers will help to ensure that these conditions don’t exist at your home or unknowingly make things worse. An attentive eye and commitment to using professional-grade equipment and techniques will guarantee that all areas are cleaned thoroughly and that no corners are cut. Once completed, any potential defects will be much easier to spot, resolve and protect your glass window surface areas.