It’s the middle of January in Chicago and so begins the tradition of receiving customer inquiries regarding about if we’re open for business or not. Trust us when we say that we completely get it and fully understand why someone would ask if you’re outdoors working with water in freezing temperatures. The fact is that we love these calls!! Especially in January because that is a customer who is genuinely interested in getting the windows of their home or business cleaned and they are sincerely hoping that we are indeed open. The good news for them is that we are fully operational year-round. Win-win for both sides.

So, if you’re looking out your storefront or house’s windows right now and see the accumulation of dirt, please know that you do not need to live with it until springtime. Through the use of additives, we can safely and effectively clean your windows year-round (we work in outdoor temps. of 30-35 degrees and above). For those who want to give it a try yourselves, please do not think warm or hot water is the solution. You can potentially crack your glass doing that.

Even if you don’t have an immediate need for a window washing company, winter is a great time to get a quote for the coming springtime. A big part of Pane Bros. window cleaning service is our willingness to provide a FREE quote anytime. So it’s totally reasonable, dare we say wise, to request a quote today and just store it away until the warm temperatures return and schedule your project then.