All too often we hear from customers looking for window washing service and voluntarily providing us with a count of their window panes and asking us what our pricing would be. Some being more transparent than others, let us know that they have a price from a competitor and just want to price check against them. No problem, but it’s at this point in our customer experience that we see a divide between the Pane Bros. process and other window cleaning companies.

We’ve always struggled with the idea of quoting work without seeing it firsthand. It is very common for window washing companies to quote a price per window pane. In fact, it may be the preferred method for most service providers. Our experience has led us to commit to visiting each property for a firsthand review of the scope. Whether it’s a single-story commercial building or high-rise, or a traditional single-family home, we prioritize having a firsthand review of the property and exactly what we are being asked to do.

Now you may find yourself asking, is this ‘extra’ step necessary? If so many other window cleaning contractors can deliver pricing from a simple window count, why can’t you? Good questions with good answers. If all properties, buildings, and windows were the same, we could consider this sales approach. However, we have to be sure and assess our client’s properties for the variables that could create challenges involving safety and efficiencies. A small sample of items on our checklist are as follows:

  • Does adjacent landscaping exist that we have to be conscious of and workaround?
  • Are utility lines present for when we are using ladders or poles?
  • Are their soffits or overhangs that would prevent us from accessing certain windows?
  • Are water features present that would prevent access or staging?

The list continues on, but the point is clear. We’re not just there to clean your windows, we’re also there to guarantee we take the steps to be mindful and protective of your property and make certain that we leave it in the same condition we found it. That is except for your newly washed windows.