Nothing is more exciting than putting the final touches on a newly built home or commercial building. For general contractors it’s an opportunity to finally deliver a tangible result of what was sure to be a tremendous investment of time and money. For the future owner, it’s the chance to have a dream of ownership fulfilled. Either way, both perspectives create a lot of focus and scrutiny on the physical conditions on all aspects of the house, including the exterior windows.

Before any structure can consider traditional window washing as a maintenance issue, a detailed post construction window cleaning needs to have occurred. Even the most careful of trades can unintentionally leave remnants of building materials (caulk, paint, grout) on a building’s windows and frames. Additionally, windows are delivered to job sites with a protective film on them. Often times the adhesive from this film can leave residue on the glass. Easy enough to remove, but not with good old soap and water. It takes a little more than that.

The crews at Pane Bros. are equipped and trained to utilize tools to remove unwanted items from your glass windows without harming them. From glass scrapers and fine steel wool (especially when tempered glass is present), to adhesive removers and professional scratch-free scrubber pads, our experienced window cleaning technicians are able to eliminate any unwanted traces of construction debris. Post construction window cleaning can also help to reveal any potential scratches that could be concealed by dirt and in need of glass polishing.

The good news is that you should only need to make the investment in this service once. After a thorough post construction window cleaning is completed, service from an affordable, high-quality window washing company is all that you should need for a very, very long time.