If we had to assume what percentage of homeowners actually schedule routine window cleaning services, we’d guess that the majority don’t. For most, it’s a forgotten and overlooked aspect of standard house maintenance. Others just fail to see the real value and consciously ignore the necessity. Regardless of what category you may find yourself, here are reasons to think twice before you skip washing your windows again this season.

Let’s start with the obvious. Allowing dirt to build-up on your home’s windows diminishes the amount of natural light entering your home, but that’s why they invented curtains. Allowing the clean and transparent glass of your windows let the light from the outside shine in, is an obvious upgrade over the natural build-up of grime and potentially dirty window screens. How can anyone argue against a brighter home interior and a clearer view to the outside?

One more thing to add is the general curb appeal. Your home is your largest investment and who doesn’t take pride in its appearance? It’s not just landscaping, painting, and power washing that will keep your exteriors looking their best. And why wait until you’re ready to list your home for sale to take a simple, affordable step that will enhance its appearance?

Aside from the aesthetics, window washing services provide other long term benefits. Amongst them, are the following:

Hard Mineral Build-Up – Your window’s glass has pores. Atmospheric pollutants and potential acid rain can enter these porous surfaces and not only impact the clarity of your windows but also start to slowly corrode them as well. This issue is also more prevalent in densely populated areas, or homes located adjacent to construction sites or busy highways. Standard service from a quality window washing company, such as Pane Bros., can easily defend against this from occurring.

Energy Efficiencies – Insulated windows provide great benefits towards a home’s ability to heat itself. Chicagoland homeowners know all too well the cold temperatures that the winter can bring and anything that can help maintain a comfortable temperature in your home should sound worthwhile. As said before, dirt and grime on your windows can block out the sun. This includes blocking out helpful UV rays that can help heat your home.

If this all sounds good then what are you waiting for? An easy call to Pane Bros. Window Washing is all it takes to get your free estimate and set you on the path to cleaner windows and getting the very most enjoyment out of your home.