When it comes to cleaning your home’s windows, there is no doubt that we understand the lure of the neighborhood guy and cheap pricing. He looks the part, is charming and is offering you a price much less than the big window washing company you called. Why pay someone else more if you don’t have to?

I’ll start with the obvious. Is he insured? An often overlooked and much taken for granted aspect of hiring any quality contractor. Even the most careful of window washers can make a mistake and unintentionally damage a portion of your home. Are you confident that they are going to reach into their pocket and pay for any necessary repairs? Especially when the cost of the repair may exceed the total dollars they are charging you for the job. There is a reason professional (smart) window washing service providers opt to carry insurance. It’s an investment in running a good business for both them and their customers.

Considerable expense taken on by quality service providers is employee training. Educating employees on the necessary steps to be safe, do a thorough job and identify potential concerns takes time. At Pane Bros., we don’t let new employees work alone for a minimum of three months. Where some see this as an extraordinary cost, we view it as a necessary investment. It is a process that has served us well and enabled us to grow an excellent team of dedicated window cleaners.

Another cost incurred by professionals is quality equipment. Sure, most homeowners may not know the difference between contractor-grade squeegees, poles, and other essential gear, but those that are truly dedicated to providing the best results do. They invest in premium supplies and make sure critical items, like rubber blades on their squeegee, are in good condition. You most likely will never inquire about the quality of your window technician’s gear, but cheap pricing could be an indicator that there isn’t much cost going into your job.

We hope that you consider these issues the next time you weigh the pros and cons of engaging a professional window washing service. When things go right, you’ll never think about these points. However, if something should go wrong, you may just find yourself wishing you did.